TAAME - Transparency, Accounting and Accountability and effective Monitoring and Evaluation, is an initiative to address the issue of missing management information and low performance in development.

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Did a double major in engineering and economics at Cambridge University. Learned Chartered Accountancy with Coopers and Lybrand in the UK. Had a successful career in corporate management and development consultancy until I tried to address issues of development performance and the lack of accounting and accountability. Have a wonderful family.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The TAAME Elements

TAAME - Transparency, Accounting and Accountability, and effective Monitoring and Evaluation

Corruption and poor performance in relief and development can be blamed to some extent on lack of transparency, weak systems for accounting and accountability and ineffective monitoring and evaluation. The TAAME initiative is a comprehensive approach to improve management information in development, and improve decision making and development performance.

The TAAME initiative has been designed to be cost effective and efficient and to make best of use management information and modern technology. Accordingly TAAME uses local resources with Internet web database support. TAAME has the following elements: (1) Transparency; (2) Accounting; (3) Accountability; and, (4) Monitoring and Evaluation.

Decision making with respect to public resources should be visible to the stakeholders. One way in which this can be achieved in a practical way is to have key information easily accessible on the Internet. TAAME provides a place where decisions regarding use of development resources can be discussed.

Keeping track of financial transactions is the foundation for management control. Accounting is the basis for keeping track of financial transactions, and includes timely periodic reports about revenues, expenditures and financial condition of the entity. This information should be related to performance and the achievement of the entities goals.

Accountability is a feedback process that brings the results of decisions back to the decision makers for affirmation or explanation. Good accounting facilitates this process. Transparency makes the process visible to all stakeholders.

Monitoring and Evaluation (“M&E”)
The TAAME approach to M&E differs from the M&E process in wide use by donors and international agencies and NGOs in recent years. TAAME M&E is done as a routine part of the accounting and reporting process to provide insight into operational performance as soon as it is needed.

These elements all draw on a single pool of management information that is derived from the accounts and feedback from operational activities.

For more information see http://www.afrifund.com/ and look at the pilot database that has been implemented using a low cost Wiki to compile initial content about organizations and issues. For more information contact Peter Burgess in New York by e-mail at peterb@afrifund.com or telephone 212 772 6918


Blogger Peter said...

TAAME and the establishment of Tr-Ac-Net

Transparency, Accounting and Accountability and effective Monitoring and Evaluation, TAAME - has been the subject of a lot of intense discussion for several weeks.

A related initiative Tr-Ac-Net has been set up building on the Transparency and Accountability (Tr-Ac)software applications developed by LifeLine to Business (LL2B) in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The Tr-Ac-Net goal is to make excellence in transparency and accountability (Tr-Ac) the norm rather than the exception. Some announcements were planned for January, but events in SE Asia related to the tsunami disaster have delayed the general program implementation.

Instead Tr-Ac-Net has moved to a fast track program to help control scams, ripoffs and obscene profiteering in connection with the tsunami disaster. It became apparent very quickly that this was a huge disaster and that relief resources would be mobilized rapidly, and that scams and rip-offs would almost immediately become a problem.

Tr-Ac-Net has decided to ask all relief and development organizations to voluntarilly commit to excellence in transparency and accountability, and will put this in the public record. Tr-Ac-Net will also put on the record thoes organizations that are unwilling or unable to commit to Tr-Ac escellence.

Tr-Ac-Net will help organizations seeking to achieve Tr-Ac excellence.

The database element of this program is being worked on and will be available early in January. In the interim, e-mail information can be sent to peterb@afrifund.com, and peterbnyc@gmail.com

January 1, 2005 at 2:53 PM  
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